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Christian Bernard Timepiece

A Historical Jewelry Maison
Originated from Paris

Founded in 1973 in Paris of France, Christian Bernard Timepiece integrates French jewelry design and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship into a graceful series of chic and stylish watch.
Founder Mr. Bernard Nguyen develops Christian Bernard with his passion for jewelry and watch by compressing luxurious aesthetics from French nobility, extracting natural and supple lines from Art Nouveau and drawing symmetrical geometry design from Art Deco to fuel into his watch design. Indisputable quality of craftsmanship and precious materials of selection create excellent products that win over opinions of tasteful class around the world, and make each item successfully exhibit independent women’s confidence and characteristics on occasions of smart casual outfits and formal night gown.

Christian Bernard Timepiece possess elaborate and meticulous jewelry artisanship that can compete with any high jewelry piece. Moreover, all collections of jewelry and watch are adorned with selected and the finest level of diamonds and white sapphire (hardness of Mohs scale 9, only less hard than diamond), also called the gem of truth and soul, that dazzle on beautiful wrists with an unstoppable glitters and radiance. In the meantime, the Swiss made movement adds last polished perfection to exemplify that the historical French maison embellish every detail of the products with artistic and romantic cultivations.

In 2016 Christian Bernard was officially franchised and the complete collection was introduced to Taiwan by Pyxis Enterprise Co. Ltd. Pyxis Enterprise Co. Ltd. believes that Taiwan market has exceptional taste for watches and is open-minded to versatile fashion trends. The most notable collection is “Palm Tree” which is originated from a classic collection in 1973 that each refined detail of this collection exudes a stream of tropical island vacation style. “La Rive Gauche” collection represents the artistic and cultural hues from the Seine river in Paris, while “Cannes Chic” is the collection that brings the sunshine, the beach and the high society party from La Côte d'Azur and blend it into every parts of each watch. Every single timepiece of Christian Bernard is a romantic and handsome picture of France landscape that displays resourceful creativity and outstanding craftsmanship.